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Guestbook is Online!

{05/06/03} Our online Guestbook is up and running! Click on the Guest Book link in the Navigation bar on the left, or Click Here to go to the Guest Book.

Out of Towners

{05/05/03} We have heard that quite a few folks are traveling in to see us on our special day. Here's who we know is coming from out of state so far.

Bruce's Grandma (Dad's Mom) - Ruth Sellnow from Annandale, Minnesota
Bruce's Aunt (Dad's Sister) - Janell Dezell from Annandale, Minnesota
Bruce's Brother and Family - Brian & Sadia Sellnow and Mauricio from Mary Esther, FL

We have a Yahoo Group!

{05/04/03} This is pretty cool. This is an email list moderated by us. It's a great way for all of our family and friends to keep up on the latest news. You can enter your email address here and click on our picture to sign up.

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